The government has appointed a special investigator to review the conditions that applies to professional artists working and living in Sweden. The investigator will assess how government efforts for professional artists contribute to reaching the cultural policy goals put in place by the Swedish parliament, the Riksdag, and if necessary propose changes in them in order to adapt those to current conditions for today’s professional artists.

The investigator shall, amongst other things:

  • Map and describe the working conditions for professional artists.
  • Analyse the existing state efforts, such as compensation and support systems, for artists on the basis of relevant societal changes. i.e. digitalisation, and if necessary, propose changes in the systems that can improve working conditions  for professional artists
  • put forward potential efforts in order to improve opportunities for professional artists to work throughout Sweden

The investigator shall also put her findings of artists’ working conditions in Sweden and the Swedish artist policy in a Nordic, European as well as international perspective.

The state inquiry is to be reported no later than 28 February 2018.

The full mandate can be found in Swedish on the government’s website.